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Ladies Muay Thai Cardio Kickboxing

House of Champions also offers a Ladies Muay Thai Kickboxing class.

These classes are mainly focused around weight loss and cardio training for women all ages and sizes. Women’s classes are held every night Monday to Friday night at 7p.m., these classes run for 1 hour and results are instantly noticed on participants. Classes are also focused around basic self defence techniques so that participants will learn how to defend themselves in any type of situation thrown at them.
Fell free to come try a week free at our gym starting any night Monday to Friday night at 7 Pm, see if the workout we are offering is for you.
Men are not present during the Women’s classes, giving the ladies complete privacy as well as the entire benefits of the gym; whether it is working in the cage, on the mats doing cardio exercises or using the different types of exercise equipment offered.

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